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Do you remember as a kid the excitement you felt when you were waiting for a package in the mail?  It reminds me of the movie a Christmas Story when he would check the mail every day for his decoder pin.

I’m not a kid any more, but I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of a package.  Unlike Ralphie in the movie, I was not disappointed when I received mine.

This package contained the newly released book by Janet Garman at Timber Creek Farm.  I have been following Janet for about a year now on Facebook.  If you haven’t visited her, hop on over to Timber Creek Farms on Facebook or her website.  You won’t be disappointed.  Amidst posts about homesteading and raising animals, is Janet’s real gift of story-telling and photography,  and she does it through her animals.  She knows all her animals by name (and she has a lot) and there is always some drama or shenanigans happening on the homestead.

The chickens are by far the most dramatic and they have their own soap opera called “As the Coop Turns.”  There is Sebastian, Tyler, and King the roosters; and Simone, Mary, and Gretyl are a few of the hens that add to the drama.  Simone moved in with Sebastian, the bachelor, and promptly went on to redecorate the coop much to Sebastian’s chagrin.  Simone soon learned that Gretyl would be moving in and tried to ripped her comb off.  Meanwhile, Mary left her chicks in the coop and went out with Tyler.  Oh the Drama!

Then there is a ninja chicken who sneaks around the sheep pen unnoticed, stealing scraps of food left behind.

Gary the goat has gotten his dream job to lead the ducks out to free range.

And there are also baby piglets to watch and a spoiled little rabbit named Charlotte.


I’m not gonna spoil all the fun, but you have got to check her out HERE.

Anyway, I was not surprised when she came out with a book that highlighted some of the animals on the farm.  Honestly, when I started following her, one of the first thoughts that came to my head was, “she needs to put this all in a children’s book.”

Not only, does Janet have gift for writing, but she is also quick to answer questions that you might have.  I corresponded with her a few times asking questions on what I should do about a chicken with an eye injury, and a duckling with a vitamin deficiency.  She was both knowledgeable and kind with her time.

But I digress,  back to the book.  Once the package arrived, I didn’t open it right away.  I wanted my two girls to be there so we could read it together.  They were visiting their grandparents, so I waited until they got back.  My youngest (8) likes to open packages, so I let her do the honors.  I was pleasantly surprised that Janet had sent me three books.  I knew she was sending two, one for me to keep and the other to give away when I wrote this blog post.  Now, not only do I now have two books to give away, but she also signed each one!

After the excitement of opening the package, the three of us (youngest 8, middle child 10) snuggled down on the couch to read Margarita and the Beautiful Gifts.

Margarita and the Beautiful Gifts is about two ducks, Margarita and her beau Jimmy.  They are given a home on Timber Creek Farm.  Margarita is so grateful that she plans to give the kind farmer a fantastic gift, one that is the most beautiful in the world.  But when the gifts go missing, the other animals start pointing their wings, hooves, and feet at everyone else.  Who is to blame and where did the gifts go? It’s time to for the ducks to put on their detective hats on.

Not only is there a mystery to solve, but there is an added bonus….. there are several pages with facts about ducks at the bottom.  These facts are short and easy for young readers to understand.

The book is also cutely illustrated by Jacqui Papi Shreve and is full of charm and whimsy.  My youngest loved the illustrations and before we were even half way through, my middle child announced she gave it five stars!  I’m with them.  This book would be a wonderful addition to any child’s library and would make a great gift.  I can’t wait until she writes another one, which a little duckling has told me is on the way.

Here is your chance to own a signed copy of Margarita and the Beautiful Gifts.  I will be giving away a hard back and paperback book, one to each of two people.  Like this post on Facebook, tag a friend,  and and leave a  comment.   I will randomly select two individuals to receive a copy.  The contest ends on September 18, 2017.   I will then private message you to get your address.

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