Bacon-Maple-Sage Sweet Potato

As some of you may remember from this POST, we had an abundance of sweet potatoes this year.  This Thanksgiving, I decided to try a new recipe (actually, I will be trying several new recipes with the sweet potatoes that I will be sharing with you). This recipe was inspired by Cave Girl Cuisine’s Bacon-Maple-Sage
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Slug Annihilators

Slug annihilators.  That’s what we got these little guys and gals for.  Don’t let their cuteness fool ya, they are lean, mean, slug/snail eating machines.  At least, that is what we are hoping. We just got our mail order of Welsh Harlequin ducks and we can’t wait to get them into the garden. Why Welsh
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So I just made a delightful salad from the lettuce in our garden for lunch today.  I included the typical lettuce mix and one plant that you may or may not have heard. Nasturtium If you know me, you know that everything we grow here at The Chosen Weeds Farm serves a purpose, and when
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