Weeds….no one likes them and we are constantly trying to rid our world (or at least our yards) of them.  But what if we stopped for a moment and considered the weeds?  What if we viewed the lowly weed as something that could sustain us, nourish us, and even teach us? What if the dandelion that you so anxiously wish to get rid of has a purpose?

I once walked down the street barely noticing the plants and complex systems that surrounded me.  My degree taught me to identify and categorize much of the landscape, but I was never taught to appreciate the value that each plant holds as a part of a grand design.  These weeds have an intrinsic resilience and have somehow managed to thrive.  Yet, these are the plants that we have made war against and have tried to eradicate from our view.  We tediously cultivate our lawns and spend large amounts of time and resources to make sure that our yard is societal acceptable and weed free. Weeds are unwanted and any outbreak must be dealt with.

If we look close, we can see weeds as a reflection of society.  We live in a world where useful weeds are being systematically disparaged and eradicated while, what is deemed to be, more desirable flora is encouraged to grow.  Meanwhile toxins are building up in the soil and nutrients are being depleted making it increasingly difficult for any growth to occur.

This site is dedicated to the ideas, principles, and practices that cultivate a deeper sense of wholeness, confidence, self-reliance, and individual liberty.  These are the ideas and principles that seem to be discouraged and even vilified currently and yet they are required for sustainability.   It is time that we consider the weeds.  Join me as we strive to make the earth a fertile place for all manner of life to flourish.


“The strongest and most mysterious weeds often have things to teach us.”

― F.T. McKinstry, Ascarion


About the Author

Welcome to the Chosen Weeds Website and thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Stephanie Shepler-Harren. I am a certified fitness nutritionist, an avid outdoors woman, and have a driving desire for Truth. My passion of knowledge and understanding has lead me down a path that I would have never imagined a few years ago. A journey where my beliefs have repeatedly been put to the test through many hardships.

This journey has created in me a deep passion for ethical and sustainable living. Right now I am raising meat rabbits, Nubian dairy goats, chickens (Australorps and Orpingtons), and have started what I hope to be a sustainable food forest on my property. My goal is to be as self-sustainable as possible, greatly increase the quality of food that I consume and serve, and help like-minded individuals that I come into contact with.

Authentic people are hard to come by, and people that actually live out their beliefs seem to be an endangered species. I believe that my life story is becoming a testament to what can be accomplished when people know what they believe and refuse to compromise on their core values regardless of what they may endure. I hope my actions will inspire my children and many others to turn away from lives of compromise and live out the life they were created to live.