How To Throw Memorable Birthday Party On A Budget

Birthday parties have become a big event for many. When we deliver on giving our cherished young ones an experience they will remember for years to come, we hit the jackpot.  Today’s celebrations have tended to become more elaborate, with extravagant price tags to match, as parents equate the amount of money spent with the success of the soiree. From refreshments to party supplies to theme based planning; it can feel daunting and overwhelming to parents who already are over-encumbered with their busy family schedules. This is even more apparent to those who have waded through the myriad of ideas to be found on websites like Pinterest.  The expenses can add up quickly and easily become a strain on the budget for even the most frugal party planners.

You might be tempted to succumb to the idea that you just aren’t able to give your child the birthday experience that you would like to. Perhaps you tell yourself, “I’m not creative enough,” “I just don’t have the time,” or “We are on a tight budget.”

What if I told you that this does not have to be as intimidating of a task as you may think? What if you could provide a no-fuss birthday party that gives your child a hands-on, educational experience without leaving your home? What if I told you, that you could do all of this without having to take out a small loan? Wouldn’t it be great to hear you child gleefully exclaim that this was the best party ever?  After all, one of the greatest experiences you can give your child is a memory that will last a lifetime.

Here are eight tips to provide a budget-friendly, experience-filled, birthday party:

Schedule the party: If you plan your party between 2 pm and 4 pm, the guests won’t expect a full meal. A few tasty finger foods and pitchers of water and lemonade should be sufficient.

Keep the guest list short: While it may be tempting to invite the entire neighborhood, keeping the guest list short will help keep food cost down. If you are feeling adventurous, you can also just have the parents drop their kids off.  This way you won’t have to feed adults as well. The children may eat you alive though.

Lighted Candles on Cupcakes Pot Luck Anyone?: Family members are often more than willing to pitch in to help. Ask family members to bring a dish if you are providing a meal, or ask a friend to make the cupcakes instead of bringing a gift.  They could also bring the cupcake ingredients and the kids could design their own cupcakes.

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Send digital Invitations: In Parents Magazine, a survey of nearly 1,500 parents found that 73 percent of said they sent paper invitations for their child’s last birthday party. Next time, send your guests a free electronic invitation.  You’ll save what you’d normally spend on paper invites and postage.

Dual Party?: If your child’s birthday falls close to a friend’s or family member’s, consider a dual party. You and the other child’s parents can split the cost—and responsibilities.  I would only consider this if you have a really good relationship with this other person or family member.

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Make themed favors: Instead of taking home goody bags filled with cheap toys kids throw away and candy they don’t need, especially after all the sugary party food, try a personalized craft activity that correlates with the theme of the party.  A good place to find inexpensive craft kits is at Oriental Trading Company.

Borrow instead of rent: Before going out and renting tables, chairs, or shade coverings, first ask your friends, neighbors, and family members if they have some extras that they can lend you. True, they may not match, but mismatching can add whimsy and variety. You can cover tables with colorful tablecloths that match your theme or in bright primary colors for a visual splash.

Keep decorations in check: While it is tempting to deck out the whole house, the price tag for that can add up quickly. Instead, deck out the cake table or gift table.

Need more help with your party plans? Another great idea is to let Triple F Animals Adventures provide you not only with a budget-friendly, customized, animal-themed birthday experience, but also entertain the kids with some fun games and a craft. If you would like more information, click the button below or visit our Facebook page.

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